Smart Cities Series

Welcome to the seamless podcast with Cohosts Darin Andersen and Mike Carroll. The seamless podcast takes a look at Smart City convergence exploring the various technology entrepreneurs, makers and artists that play a part in what we call the “emergence of the Smart City”.

We value diversity in the formation of Smart & Safe Cities –

of entrepreneurs and innovators : first time, multiple exits, funded, unfunded, startup, boot strap startup, family foundation funded, gay, straight
of art : technological innovation, writing, design, patents, painting, singing, furniture making, fashion, cooking, practice career, hobby;
of lifestyle : young, old, rich, poor, gay, straight, black, white, brown, chaos, calm, solitary;
of beliefs : values, leanings, desires, purpose

It is after all people that are the primary architects and builders of what is new and many believe that the development of Smart & Safe Cities will be about an improved era of joy, experience, productivity and sustainability. The beneficiaries of this emerging domain space will attract the best and brightest people to form the underlying elements of Smart City Culture and shared Smart City Values.

Enjoy the featured Smart Cities podcast’s here and contribute your ideas, and efforts and be active. This is not television ,,,,,

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